Working Designer Wednesday: Ingredients Series with Denise Fasanello

Denise Fasanello is back today with a fall arrangement for our Ingredients Series. Enjoy!



I have a small collection of Transferware jars that I love to work with, especially around the fall and winter holidays. For this arrangement, I created a simple grid using clear floral tape to help my stems stay in place.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


I added 2 sprigs of mimosa branches to give an overall shape to the arrangement.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


Next I filled it out with some bay leaf.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


A couple of magnificent Cafe Au Lait dahlias take center stage.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


Some viburnum berry in that glossy black maroon color adds contrast and another texture.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


I had some lovely coppery colored foliage called Nandina, which I placed for added color.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


Next I tucked in several burnt orange roses called ‘Combo’. I kept them low because I knew I would be adding smaller flowers for height and movement.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


I’ve been obsessed with orchids lately. I love the extra luxe they bring to any arrangement.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


I scored by finding some variegated yellow and deep plum colored ranunculus. I added them because they were perfect!

Denise Fasanello Flowers


Next up, I added some purple scabiosa which technically wasn’t needed, but I couldn’t resist.

Denise Fasanello Flowers


Lastly, I intertwined some jasmine vines for movement and placed a single large fern leaf in the back. I thought maybe the fern leaf would bring an unexpected element to this soothing fall arrangement.

Denise Fasanello Flowers

Denise Fasanello Flowers

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4 thoughts on “Working Designer Wednesday: Ingredients Series with Denise Fasanello

  1. Maryelise Currie

    What a fabulous tutorial! I own The Monarch Florists and Toronto Flower School. I will email this cycle of students and have them see this tutorial. We use your blog as a teaching tool for our students. Their first class they are instructed to go through your site and the next class we work on garden style arrangements. Not only have you been a fantastic teaching tool for my school but an inspiration like no other for my flower studio. A very big thankyou! Maryelise Currie

    1. Amy McGee Post author

      Wow, Maryelise. I’m grateful for your message and completely stunned (if I’m honest). Thank you for your kind words. My immediate reaction to your message was: “Whoa! Time to step up my game!” I’m honored that you share BB with your students. My dream has always been for BB to be a resource and source of encouragement to designers because I know how hard the day-to-day routine can be. Say hello to your students for me…and thanks again! xx


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