For Em…On Wiring Succulents

In response to Em’s comment yesterday which read, ”I would love to know how people manage to make bouquets with succulents”…

Well, here you go, Em! This a great instructional video on wiring succulents…

video via Flower Duet

You might also want to check out Flora’s post on wiring succulents for arrangements here. She includes great pictures with her instructions…

succs5 flora grubbsimage via Flora Grubbs


One thought on “For Em…On Wiring Succulents

  1. Em

    That is some Prim-o acting! ;o) Thanks Amy! Yeah there must have been something wrong with my “rosette” because there’s no way I could have picked it up like she did. In fact I just threw it away today because with the freeze and such it only had a few petals left. So sad. It’s ok b/c I replaced it with dusty miller and in the spring I’ll have to get some new succulents!


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