BB Podcast Episode 34: Ashley Fox

“I love a close community of floral designers and I don’t see any other way to survive frankly.”

-Ashley Fox


Today we’re visiting Ashley Fox, owner of Ashley Fox Designs in Woodbury, Minnesota to discuss:

  • how she sets and meets goals
  • knowing her boundaries and doing business with integrity
  • how she edits the body of work she shares with the world to attract her ideal clients
  • the value of sketching ideas as they come to her and putting them away for future clients
  • saying ‘NO’ so she can say ‘YES’ to the projects she loves
  • how her craving for visual stimulation led her to a creative career
  • her desire to share with her community and colleagues
  • the fears she had about moving her business and the surprising outcome
  • how her garden mentor influenced her use of texture and color
  • her experience with styling for catalogs
  • how her installation work evolved into larger and more difficult designs

Amanda Nippoldt Photography

Links mentioned in Episode Thirty-Four:

Amanda Nippoldt Photography

See more of Ashley’s work:

Website Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Alexander Steele Photography


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