BB Podcast Episode 33: Teresa Fung

“Part of my dream for these girls that come through my studio is to actually help them dream bigger.”

-Teresa Fung | Mimosa

Image courtesy of Dorothy Greco

Today we’re visiting Teresa Fung, owner of Mimosa in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss:

  • how she pulled from her musical background, as well as her educational background in International Relations & Education Policy to create a unique business suited to her interests and personal goals
  • the job fair that led to serious conversations about the direction of her career
  • how she developed a relationship with a non profit organization through persistence
  • the internship program she developed for girls at risk
  • the business advice she received which led her to pursue the social interests she felt called to address through her business, Mimosa
  • her tips for getting involved and offering your services to a non profit organization

Links mentioned in Episode Thirty-Three:

See more of Teresa’s floral art on  Instagram


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2 thoughts on “BB Podcast Episode 33: Teresa Fung

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  2. Whitney

    I love this podcast but was especially inspired by this episode. I listened to it earlier this week. Immediately after hearing it I had an email from my local Girl Scout council (I work with GS a lot helping girls earn flower related badges) asking for a donation for their annual dinner. I was so inspired by the podcast I suggested hosting a event to have local Girl Scouts make the arrangements for the dinner with me while earning related badges. Surprisingly, they turned me down but at least I offered! This morning I met the director of our local Meals on Wheels program and talked to her about getting extra flowers to her to deliver to Meals on Wheels recipients. Of course she loved that. I know the owner of a staffing agency that works helps those with disabilities connect with jobs and I hope to find a way to offer jobs for his clients in my growing business. It has always been a goal for me to give back more. Thanks for the push to make things happen.


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