BB Podcast Episode 3: Chloe Milligan

“Trusting yourself and going with your own personality, your own vibe, is what people like. People like authentic. Don’t force it.”

-Chloe Milligan | MUD Urban Flowers

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Chloe Milligan | MUD Urban Flowers

Today we’re sitting down with Chloe Milligan (pictured above right) of MUD Urban Flowers to discuss:

  • The story behind the creation of MUD with her business partner Nick Priestly (owner of Mood Flowers and Flower School Glasgow)
  • How MUD went from start-up to thriving business in just a few short months
  • Her social media savvy-ness
  • The franchise plans for MUD

MUD Urban Flowers

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Website | Instagram | Facebook

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MUD Urban Flowers


Landon McGee | Podcast Sound Engineer

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