BB Podcast Episode 28: Kelly Mendenhall

“There may or may not be a Lego man in your bouquet.”

-Kelly Mendenhall (mother of 3)

Today we’re sitting down with Kelly Mendenhall, owner of  3 Leaf Floral in Grand Junction, Colorado, to discuss:

  • how workshop attendance affected the trajectory of her business
  • how her motherhood plays into the decisions she makes about her business
  • why she decided not to continue offering restaurant accounts and subscriptions
  • how she’s built a mentoring service to incorporate her counseling background
  • the importance of local growers to her business
  • why she recommends freelancing for business owners
  • how she problem solves issues related to living in a small town without a wholesaler
  • the challenge and adventure of working in the mountains
  • the importance of posting images of yourself for colleagues and clients to be able to connect with you
  • the importance of finding a great sales rep
  • the wedding professional who helped her get her foot in the door in her local market

Cat Mayer Photography

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One thought on “BB Podcast Episode 28: Kelly Mendenhall

  1. Molly

    Kelly, I enjoy working with you and admire your work. I love being your flower rep!!!! You don’t want me doing your hair!


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