BB Podcast Episode 26: Suzie Kostick AIFD, CFD, CF, PFCI

“If the industry is going to grow, growth is change. Be open to change.”

-Suzie Kostick AIFD, CFD, CF, PFCI

Today we’re sitting down with Suzie Kostick, a seasoned floral industry educator, freelancer, and consultant living in Rio Rancho, New Mexico to discuss:

  • her multi-faceted career in the floral industry over the last 40 years
  • her experience as creative director turned owner of Flora Magazine
  • the importance of her years in retail flower shops to her overall career path
  • her experience as shop owner, convention center special events coordinator, freelancer, grocery store chain production manager, and local college instructor
  • the transition from her high school floral design classes as a teen to the floral industry
  • her involvement in AIFD, her position as AIFD’s 2018 Symposium Coordinator, and her knowledge of the AIFD organization
  • FAQs about the AIFD testing process

Links mentioned in Episode Twenty-Six:

To contact Suzie Kostick: email her at


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