BB Podcast Episode 2: Susan McLeary

“…curiosity, vulnerability, and tenacity. Those are three things that have allowed me to grow.”

-Susan McLeary | Passionflower

Passionflower | Susan McLeary

Today we’re sitting down with Susan McLeary (pictured above left) of Passionflower to discuss:

  • her expertise in creating living jewelry
  • how her work began to get published
  • the motivation behind her love of learning
  • the story behind her award-winning piece seen on the cover of Fusion Magazine
  • her slightly unconventional method of finding models for her photo shoots
  • the willow armature she mentioned in a BB Expert Panel discussion
  • the success of her PassionflowerMade Etsy shop
  • her new tutorial series and her special 20% discount offer to BB Podcast listeners! (see offer below – expires August 31, 2017)

Passionflower | Susan McLeary

Passionflower Links of Interest:

Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram

Links mentioned in Episode Two:

Passionflower | Susan McLeary

Images courtesy of Amanda Dumouchelle Photography


Landon McGee | Podcast Sound Engineer

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