BB Podcast Episode 12: Fiona Pickles

“It’s very much about feeding my soul and making me happy.”

Fiona Pickles

Fiona Pickles | Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Today we’re sitting down with Fiona Pickles, owner of Firenza Floral Design based in West Yorkshire in the UK to discuss:

  • her unique talent related to event delivery
  • how she utilizes interns and freelancers in her business
  • the subject of some of her most popular Instagram posts
  • her proficient use of social media and why she appreciates it
  • how she grew her business into a business model that feeds her soul
  • her experience hosting past workshops and her plans for another Large Installation Workshop in 2018 (detail to be announced in the near future!)

Firenza Gathering Blossom Workshop | Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Links mentioned in Episode Twelve:

The Artist’s Granddaughter – An Editorial |  Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Links to Fiona’s Past Workshops:

Coming April 2018 – Fiona will be teaching at the Chapel Designers Scotland workshop in Glasgow.

Above: Firenza Large Installation Workshop 2017 | Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography 

Fiona Pickles Links of Interest:

Website Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | One-to-One Training

Firenza Floral Design | Naomi Kenton Photography

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee

5 thoughts on “BB Podcast Episode 12: Fiona Pickles

  1. Fiona Pickles

    Thank you so much for inviting me onto your fabulous podcast – I feel very honoured. Great to send some lovely time chatting with you both xxx

  2. Sheri Jentsch

    I COMPLETELY connected with Fiona on so many levels during this podcast. From changes in business to where’s the next work going to come from to age. What a beautiful inspirational soul. Thank you for this opportunity of growth. Soul saving!

    1. Amy McGee Post author

      So glad, Sheri! Fiona’s story connected with so many people. The response has been amazing – a great reminder to settle into who we REALLY are as people and designers and work from a place of truth and authenticity. Particularly meaningful as you start out on a new wonderful journey! xo

  3. Robin

    I would love to read along and learn what you have to share in this podcast, and your others too! Do you have written notes or a transcript, or captioning, please? I have a hearing loss and any of these would be SO helpful. My email is below — thank you!

    1. Amy McGee Post author

      Hi Robin,

      We don’t currently have a transcript available, but we will take your request and consider how to make it happen. I’ll contact you directly to discuss the possibilities. Thanks for your message!

      Talk soon,


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