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My Nanny

…taught me to love flowers and gardening…cooked my favorite meals…kept me laughing…told me about the birds and bees…taught me to pluck my eyebrows…interrupted my first jr. high kiss (shouldn’t have attempted that in her front yard…my bad)…called me on my honeymoon to see if I had any questions (wink wink), attended every school event I ever participated in, taught me to ride a bike, made me take a nap until I was in the 5th grade, played tag with the grandkids and great grandkids until she was wheelchair bound, kept lots of chocolate at her house, loved to pull pranks on April Fool’s Day, loved sharing family treasures with her grandkids, was always concerned for the “regularity” of all family members (if you know what I mean), told great stories about the adventures of her younger days, loved to read…and she loved me deeper than deep…and she made me feel like the most important person on Earth when I was with her.

nanny020 (1)

She went home to meet Jesus yesterday…she was 88 and I’m so blessed to have had 44 years of being loved by her.

Blushing Bride

EIMG_9152 kat flower

image via Kat Flower

02-jeannie-0013 krista jon

image via Krista Jon

6a0120a5914b9b970c014e8a29423e970d florali

image via Florali


…please help me identify the designer of this bouquet…think it might have been photographed by Our Labor of Love by Heidi

b  bows and arrows dallas

image via Bows and Arrows

C6 bunch studio

image via Bunch Studio

DETAILS-01-679x447 soulflwoer

image via Soulflower

image8 podz florist

image via Podz Florist

IMG_0156 art with nature

image via Art with Nature

L1140880 (1280x960) la fleur vintage austin

image via La Fleur Vintage

orange-county-wedding-photographer-arroyo-trabuco-29  Jessica Claire photo and Twigg Botanicals

image via Jessica Claire Photography and Twigg Botanicals

wedding-0501 sharla flock

image via Sharla Flock Designs

Happy Thursday!

Color Inspiration: Hot Pink

Taking a break from Working Designer Wednesday for a little bit of hot pink…

2   imbue weddings

image via Imbue Weddings

6a00d834515d0369e201543628e1ee970c-700wi karen buckle and mondo

image via Mondo Floral Design and Karen Buckle Photography

6a00e5508cf2b48833015435ad7d69970c-500wi rhonda patton

image via Rhonda Patton Designs 

6a00e552795b9d88330154335b9843970c karen wise photo and fleurs nyc

image via Fleurs and Karen Wise Photography

6a0120a5914b9b970c014e608c83c8970c-800wi florali

image via Florali

6a0120a8026eb3970b016302205c31970d-650wi handmaker of things

image via Handmaker of Things

09_La Partie Events_Jose Villa_Blog  la partie events

image via La Partie Events and Jose Villa Photography

gloriosa-bouquet-pink-ffce my wedding flower ideas UK

image via My Wedding Flower Ideas

hilary miles flowers7

image via Hilary Miles Flowers

naughton-0556 fuchsia ‘Thalia’ dahlias soulflower

image via Soulflower

sweet pea floral design

image via Sweet Pea Floral Design

NM_TWP-5  denise fasanello

image via Denise Fasanello 

w11014060367$!x600 FLEURS DE FRANCE JULIE mikos photo

image via Fleurs de France and Julie Mikos Photography

And…just for grins…


image of unknown origin

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!


Funeral Design Follow-Up

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago pleading with designers to send me their sympathy/funeral design pictures to share with a Botanical Brouhaha reader. You all really came through for me and I can’t thank you enough! Here’s what I received…and a few I found on my own…

From Fleurie

funeral Apr04 (8) fleurie

…for a member of the floral designer’s family, with some flowers from the designer’s own garden included…

funeral IMG_4862 fleurie

…for a woman who was well known for her love of purple…

funeral Jan-Feb 017 fleurie

…for a man who was known for his delicious oranges…

From Dov Kupfer AIFD

funeral IMG_0309 dov kupfer

funeral IMG_5626 dov kupfer

funeral IMG_6795 dov kupfer

funeral IMG_9481dov kupfer

From The Blue Carrot (UK)…

funeral RIMG0016 the blue carrot UK

funeral RIMG0002 the blue carrot

From Cynthia Loeffler

funeral432253_3514182973229_1231563410_33595663_1705624879_n cynthia loeffler

From Alma Blooms

funeral DSC00528 alma flowers

funeral DSC00987 alma flowers

funeral DSC00105 alma flowers

From Ruby Bloom Fancy Flowers…(thanks Liz, from Fleurology, for sharing these Ruby Bloom designs with me)

funeral IMGP4722 ruby bloom flowers

funeral IMGP4737 ruby bloom flowers

funeral IMGP4741 ruby bloom flowers

funeral IMGP4744 ruby bloom flowers

“This particular design was for a well respected professor who suffered with a heartbreaking disease.  The family allowed me to interpret their vision, when they told me he was a Botanist, I was thrilled to be able to use more unusual flowers and textures and was so honored to be a part of the service.” – Ruby Bloom Fancy Flowers

funeral stand5-612x1024 ruby bloom fancy flowers

…”cheerful flowers for the service of a woman described by her family as a happy, fun lady”…

funeral casket2 ruby bloom fancy flowers

funeral IMGP4336 ruby bloom fancy flowers

From Eden’s Bower

funeral CityFunHeart Eden's Bower

…a floral heart for Mother…

Funera lWreathJCS Eden's Bower

…24" wreath in green and white flowers, decorated with holy cards, charms, script and ribbon for an Irish Catholic funeral…

From Spriggs Florist (UK)…

funeral DSC_0647 Spriggs Florist

funeral DSC_0899 spriggs florist

funeral IMG_2338 Spriggs Florist

From Sprout

From Agape’ Events

funeral 171 agape events e

From Mulberries…(thanks to Stevens and Son for sharing this design with me)

funeral 555021_10150763612601803_85216071802_11525925_1087630726_n mulberries flowers

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sit down and write me an email and include pictures and links. Your willingness to help fellow designers says so much about your love of the profession. Emelie, hope this inspires…

Have a great Tuesday!

Still Crazy About Burlap

_MG_6648  courtenay lambert and JMM photo

image via Courtenay Lambert Florals and JMM Photography

3db402fc535111e19896123138142014_7 botanica events dot com

image via Botanica Floral & Event Design

17-ashleyjim_0423 krista jon

image via Krista Jon

30  nancy lui chin and jose villa photo

image via Nancy Liu Chin and Jose Villa Photography


image via Meg Perotti Photography

433_0028_film studio stems

image via Studio Stems

463 clayton austin photo

image via Clayton Austin Photography

5310514450_eea0cf92da_b Natalie Galasso Designs

image via Natalie Galasso Designs 

5931273739_eda2f78086 Jessica Ruisan photography

image via Jessica Ruisan Photography

ACF149 stephanie fay photo

image via Stephanie Fay Photography 

arr00065 jayson home and garden

image via Jayson Home and Garden

image via Zest

holly chapple 3

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

IMG_3221 flora fauna

image via Flora Fauna

IMG_3816 holly chapple

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

IMG_8928  fleurology

IMG_8941 fleurology

images above via Fleurology

Happy Monday!