Wreath Love

wreath nature composed and  Cat Thrasher Photography Screen-shot-2013-06-14-at-2.57.31-PM-466x461

Nature Composed and Cat Thrasher Photography

wreath 0115  floret-design.com and sierraknot.com and moon canyon design co. and jose villa

Foret Design and Sierra Knot and Moon Canyon Design Co. and Jose Villa Photography

wreath AmyLynnO_Woodland023  Liz Nemeth photo and amy lynne originals

Amy Lynne Originals and Liz Nemeth Photography

wreath C J_feature_10 Delbarr Moradi Photography shotgun floral design

Shotgun Floral Design and Delbarr Moradi Photography

wreath floressence eatherley 10322447_724527374256096_4147969480390089991_n


wreath flourishdesigns.com 31


wreath for site 1 moon canyon design

Moon Canyon Design Co.

wreath kate avery flowers 1488859_10152045194070813_612934379_n

Kate Avery Flowers

wreath lock cottage flowers 1001591_253665761447718_523076322_n

Lock Cottage Flowers

wreath loretta flower blogspot austin Screen shot 2012-12-30 at 12.11.57 AM

Loretta Flower

wreath MG Floral Design FB 604015_556340574446852_1924618896_n

MG Floral Design

wreath nicole-franzen photo and gardenista wreath-on-door

Gardenista and Nicole Franzen Photography

wreath r1235294_10151701635373101_170682583_n cotedesignsevents.com and laura fulmer photo

Cote Designs and Laura Fulmer Photography

wreath sugar magnolias 10258369_10151727302397706_7623840102366184683_n

Nature Composed

wreath three sisters 15 13785_10152379981090189_456097395449335635_n

Three Sisters

wreath tulip 10411980_10152430021044144_8977649910919138148_n


wreath valley flower company  and Dreamlove Photography woodstock-inn-vt-wedding-photography-46

Valley Flower Company and Dreamlove Photography

wreath victory blooms 960158_606693772676292_1014984469_n

Victory Blooms

wreath kate avery flowers and  Helen Cawte Photography 10341689_10152361501135813_3107677740710300132_n

Kate Avery Flowers and Helen Cawte Photography

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