Working Designer Wednesday: Transporting Your Flowers

I always find it interesting to see how other designers do things…and I’ve been thinking about transporting flowers lately. I started out with a Ford minivan and decided after a couple of years that I definitely needed a minivan with seats that collapsed into the floor. Actually, my husband helped me decide since he had to remove the seats from the Ford van and find a place to store them every time I had a wedding delivery. I enjoyed the ease of the Grand Caravan stow ‘n go seats and had plenty of room for transporting even large arrangements. One other important consideration in Texas…you need a vehicle with a good air conditioner! Let’s see how other florists do it…

IMG_0345 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

vansjanepacker6image via Jane Packer

van Bella and Fifi  florist UK001image via Bella & Fifi


image via Boulder Blooms

Let’s take a look in the back of the vehicle where the goodies ride…

flowers mckenzie powell expedition image via McKenzie Powell

truck nancy lui chinimage via Nancy Liu Chin

IMG_7517 landscape and lifestyles blogspotimage via Landscape and Lifestyles

robinson 036…yep, there are Kit and Janice

image via Bliss Flower Studio

How do you transport your flowers? Let us in on any tips that make your life easier during deliveries!

Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Working Designer Wednesday: Transporting Your Flowers

  1. Belinda @ Wild Acre

    Hiya, I have a teeny business growing flowers and foliage in my garden and selling them locally, mainly as bouquets and event arrangements.

    I drive them in the back of my Landrover, and use this great device someone made for me – a big square of wood, with a 6′ post on each corner and 8 circles cut out into which i slot my florists buckets. Works really well although I still worry and get a bit sweary!!


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