Working Designer Wednesday: Meet Julia Rose

Today, I want to give a shout out to the very talented Julia Rose…and her students at Gold Coast Institute of TAFE! Julia Rose is a floral designer and design instructor in Australia. We’ve been emailing one another for a couple of months and you might have seen her cascade bouquet featured on Botanical Brouhaha earlier this week. Recently, Julia Rose designed the amazing florals for a romantic vintage styled shoot…and I thought you might enjoy seeing it…

julia rose 536338_10150924694611768_1154594417_n kirra sun photo

julia rose9661_10150937526506768_30232141767_9706007_161889122_n kirra sun photo

julia rose292614_10150920304451768_30232141767_9650745_1633303386_n kirra sun photo

julia rose538318_10150924694546768_599570970_n kirra sun photojulia rose522390_10150937526736768_30232141767_9706008_346380522_n kirra sun photo

julia rose550383_10150924694476768_1002771984_n kirra sun photo

julia rose389296_392903407412560_316670051_n

julia rose601055_10150937526831768_947978795_n kirra sun photo

photographer: Kirra Sun Photography

(I would encourage you to look at the full shoot here…gorgeous photography)

Please enjoy more Julia Rose designs here and here.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


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