Working Designer Wednesday: Magazines To Inspire

During the years I was running a floral design studio, I had very little extra time for learning and finding inspiration. Somehow my days seemed to be gobbled up with meetings, phone calls, paper work, designing and taking care of my family. I had to be selective with my time when it came to reading and hunting for ideas. You know how time can slip away from you when you get engrossed in surfing the web and reading magazines? In the blink of an eye…4 hours gone! I decided to buy just three magazine subscriptions to read on a regular basis…hoping it would be enough inspiration to keep me going, but not so much reading that I got overwhelmed. Here’s what I chose…

florist review mag cover Florists’ Review is a great trade magazine for keeping up with trends in the industry and getting advice on the business aspect of floral design. FR features new flower varieties and ads for suppliers. I also enjoyed reading about other florists and their shops. The ‘Fresh Flower’ page was my favorite. This page features a different flower each month with a picture of the flower and important information about the flower…origin, care, availability and vase life. I bought a separate binder for these pages and kept them in alphabetical order. Once the binder was full of these reference pages, I had a great resource for vital information that was quick and easy to use.

martha_stewart_weddings mag cover  Martha Stewart Weddings is essential for wedding trend watching…in my opinion. I was never disappointed with an issue of this magazine in all the years I subscribed. In fact, I was giddy with excitement every time I received a copy and read it cover to cover without missing a single page…even the advertisements were inspiring. Year after year, MSW inspired me. I kept every issue and referred to old issues time and time again. So classic…the florals rarely look outdated…even 5,6,7 years later. I no longer have a subscription, but you bet I pick it up while waiting in the grocery store line or having a cup of coffee at Barnes and Noble. It’s still exhilarating to read…

veranda cover This one may surprise you. Veranda has the most amazing floral arrangements and botanicals of any design magazine I’ve seen. Some of the arrangements are small and simple…on a bedside table or in a kitchen window. Others are large and extravagant…on a dining table or entry table. I found a steady stream of inspiration for wedding and event work among the pages of Veranda.

There you have it…I chose an instructional magazine geared toward floral designers, a trend-setting magazine geared toward brides and a home and garden design magazine geared toward chic homeowners…

Here are some other magazines worth checking out…

flower magazineFlower

bloom's worldBloom’s World

flower_arranger_magazineThe Flower Arranger

fusionFusion Flowers

FLORAL-DESIGN_07Floral Design

WeddingFlowers209101110Wedding Flowers…I had nearly every issue of this one, too…beautifully photographed and organized in color palettes…

bride and bloomThe Bride & Bloom…a beautiful  magazine full of inspiration…

fleur creatifFleur Creatif

Which magazines do you read? Do you subscribe to any magazines? Which magazine provides you with the most inspiration? I’m anxious to hear your recommendations!

Hope you have a great Wednesday…

5 thoughts on “Working Designer Wednesday: Magazines To Inspire

  1. Anonymous


    Thank you for more great information. Your blog is so helpful. I read Florist Review, Bride and Bloom, Wedding Flowers. I am looking forward to checking out some of the other magazines you have shown.

    Jan Dekker Designs

  2. Kate (Floret Cadet)

    Great post! I get Florists Review but hadn’t pulled the trigger on some of the pricier international imports yet – but just used a christmas amazon gift card for Fusion Flowers, whose website I’d long admired, and Flowers Magazine, on your recommendation. Thanks!

  3. Liz Rusnac

    Amy, you’re amazing! Thanks for thinking of your fellow designers! I have read Rlorists’ Review before… LOVE MS weddings… and just last week I was drooling all over my girlfriends copy of flower!

    Oh, AND, just a few days ago I ran across that photo of the bride & bloom mag cover, and e-mailed it to my sister in law… that was HER dress on her Aug. 2010 wedding that I did the flowers for!!!

    I LOVE how many random things I totally click with when reading your fantabulous blog!! 🙂


  4. Mimi

    Thanks for a great post Amy. Veranda? I’ll start checking out their flowers. I love Bride and Bloom and get every issue. Wedding Flowers is cool too. I get Florist Review for the business and new flowers, but their flower arrangements are not my style. I love Flower magazine, but have a hard time finding it. Buy MS Weddings, if I like something I see. Well Wed in New York has great flower arrangements and ideas for all types of events.

  5. ~My Fleur Journey~

    Such an informative post! I had subscribed to Florists’ Review and The Flower Arranger for 2 years but had stopped as I am not too fond of their style. I currently subscribe to and love: Wedding Flowers (my absolute fav!), Bride & Bloom (close 2nd), Martha Stewart Wedding and Flower. I sometimes pick up a copy of Fleur Creatif.. I also buy 2 Japanese flower mags – Hanajikan and Best Flower Arrangement although I can’t read a single word! But both are packed with awe-inspiring photos. Quite intrigued by Veranda and Bloom’s World.. thanks for introducing them!!


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