Working Designer Wednesday


jacinta_1 poho flowers au

My favorite discovery this week: POHO Flowers

ikea2PicMonkey Collage

An inexpensive ribbon storage option for your studio: the Ikea BEKVAM spice rack (source)

Amazing video: Zita Elze – The making of a floral wedding dress from The Dreamcatchers on Vimeo.


Interesting read: A Guide to Making the Most of Social Media on The Everygirl

behind the scenes floriography NM 1012278_826302084052621_964282747_n

Behind the Scenes: Floriography

farm Ocean View Flowers 1508053_10152460940632864_937410451610655260_n

Flower Farm: Ocean View Flowers

packaging floressence eatherley and Blue Bend Photography 10423637_801607896548043_8932897079818333892_n

Bouquet Packaging: Floressence | Blue Bend Photography

variety 'Yellow Rembrandt' dahlia vervain flowers uk 10653588_1533683356866111_3848448297058252066_n

Dahlia Variety: ‘Yellow Rembrandt” from Vervain

studio possibility Parkside-06 scott lewis landscape architecture

Could you get inspired in a studio like this one? Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture

designer cd jenn nature composed and jodi miller photo 10636200_10152059425947706_8008234619360195235_n

Designer at Work: Jenn from Nature Composed | Photo by Jodi Miller Photography

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