Working Designer Wednesday: 5 Things You’ve Got To See

Ok, let me clarify…these are 5 things I want you to see!

Number One: Anna Be Bridal Boutique






images via Keri Doolittle Photography

Number Two: The Brussels Flower Carpet

Brussels1 the hidden garden

fcarpet0808-18 bleumenvanthura



images via Bloemenvanthura and Hidden Garden

Number Three: An Innovative Flower Cooler

flowers could be kept cool in the icy water the monkey flower group

image via The Monkey Flower Group

Number Four: The 2000 Stem ‘Hot Lady’ Rose Heart (each individually water picked)

IMG_0047 rose form little pheasant

IMG_0051 little pheasant

IMG_0062 2000 hot lady roses water picked little pheasant

IMG_0064 2000 hot lady roses little pheasant

images via Little Pheasant

Number Five: The Laundry Room of my Dreams (a bit off topic, but worth it!)

laundry-room-1 dwellers without decoraters

image via Dwellers Without Decorators

Hope you have a terrific Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Working Designer Wednesday: 5 Things You’ve Got To See

  1. Francoise Weeks

    The begonia carpet in front of the city Hall in Brussels is beyond breathtaking. The mechanics and logistics and engineering involved to create this are quite incredible. This event has been taking place every other year in August since the early 70’s and originally took place to promote begonia sales – Belgium is the world’s largest begonia exporter.
    You can find images of all the carpets that they have created over the years – every single one is incredible!

  2. alicia..

    Love Anna Be’s boutique, it’s a stunning space and the ladies there are wonderful!! The entry is just as dramatic in person as it appears in these photos!


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