Working Designer Wednesday

Here’s what I have for you this week, sweet friends…

1. Great wrap ideas for hand-tied gift bouquets…

179948_358845680846603_2144161689_n brecon blooms

image via Brecon Blooms

amanda davyadf7781

image via Amanda Davy Flowers 

2. Some favorite flowers…

‘Quicksand’ roses from The Posh Posey 

200024_10150155048639879_4473766_n quicksand roses the posh posey 

‘Lotus’ dahlia from Blush Floral Design 

426368_486411928044953_98433180_n 'Lotus' Dahlia blush floral design studio

Italian ranunculus from Moss Fine Floral 

484425_323158024406189_1399387697_n italian ranunculus moss fine floral

Peach ‘Campanella’ garden roses from Valley Flower Company

579626_10151296962917625_1195769259_n Peach Campanella garden roses Valley Flower Company

3. A lovely way to transport wedding bouquets…

269705_451859224846139_1913214679_n love n fresh

img_0278-copy love n fresh flowers dot com

images above via Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

4. Paper flower artistry…

297735_10150428664300739_1195201993_n shawna yamamoto event design

image via Shawna Yamamoto Event Design 

12627671_k7qr91jp_c-1 parcel post wordpress

image via Parcel Post

5. Boutonniere presentation ideas…

303237_356026754485902_997869422_n park place

image via Park Place Design and Michael Terri Studios 

558647_423219637715262_1918354870_n  ladybird poppy floral design

image via Ladybird Poppy Floral Design 

Blue Sky Photography - Planet Flowers - Glenbervie House

image via Planet Flowers and Blue Sky Photography 

6. Sweet storefronts…


image via Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

IMG_2334 terrain

image via Terrain

7. An opulent gift basket I wish someone would send to me…

384489_311380598889427_300046011_n empty vase

image via Empty Vase 

8. Great booth spaces…

394733_268219289911424_1373791915_n  flora fetish Austin Wedding Show

image via Flora Fetish 

i-7DXfxQD-L fleur chicago

image via Fleur

9. Designers to watch…

Samantha Santana @ Primary Petals 

419002_428017677254709_948907724_n samantha santama at primary petals

Megan Gray @ Honey and Poppies 

8071770342_1d1a86d83a_zhoney and poppies

Kristi Landphere @ The Posh Posey

about Kristi Landphere the posh posey

10. Amazing business cards…


image via Posh Floral Designs and Doodledog Creative


image via Studio 3 Floral Design


image via Rosehip Flora 

Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Working Designer Wednesday

  1. botanical brouhaha

    Samantha – You can send another picture if you like, but I LOVED this picture of you! So excited for the BB readers to follow your work. You are so talented and your designs are so uniquely you…love them!


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