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Do you ever look back at photos of your first attempts at floral design and chuckle? A couple of weeks ago one of the Chapel Designers shared a photo of one of her “early years” designs and it got so much attention that we decided to share it with you…along with some “early years” designs from her fellow Chapel Designers. Even though we’ve all been in the “you’ve got to start somewhere” phase, I think these designers are especially brave to share these photos. I’ve agreed to list the designers who are sharing these designs, but I will leave it to you to imagine which designer created which arrangement. We have to protect their dignity somehow 😉 They’ve been referring to these photos as the Wall of Shame…


(the picture that started it all…)

sm round

worst 18987_10200194862215213_1154607066_n

worst 65876_4894636641558_1880854192_n

worst 75041_10151332606428328_1333007976_n

worst 166519_473757676021538_1511376947_n

worst 544025_10151642060035884_1629671630_nzworst first actually 734242_10151443302182975_1016207209_n  20 yrs agoe

worst 541835_10151332606273328_518950985_n e

As they say, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” Here’s some recent work by the same designers…in no particular order…


bouquet be76271_10151132818758379_1171576558_n

bouquet pp 64562_455999137793191_1009198729_n

bouquet ch Image-621

bouquet aj734864_586604674688074_1774290888_ne

bouquet sd 644037_10151252201714673_138608701_n

bouquet cl602316_10151132385527129_1911507037_ne

bouquet ab283002_455966934443144_1785391646_n

Thanks for sharing your work with us today:

Sebesta Design

Courtenay Lambert Florals 

Petals & Promises LLC

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

Alicia Jayne Florals

Alluring Blooms 

Posh Floral Designs 

Celebration Florals


Hope you’re inspired to keep creating, keep evolving and keep taking pictures of your work!

Happy Wednesday…

9 thoughts on “Working Designer Wednesday

  1. Lisa

    Great to know that everybody has photos like these. It’s funny, when you first start out, your knowledge of what’s really out there is so small – be it because of what we only see from grocery stores or icky cheap on-line sites. So glad to be consistently evolving!

  2. Mimi

    I guess we all have those early memories. Luckily I took very few pictures of them. they’re etched in my memory forever. I applaud the brave souls who shared those “before” pictures.


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