Working Designer Wednesday

It’s that time again! Hope you enjoy…

1. Boutique and studio fronts…

154486_473225489382755_1787627010_n  zita elze flowers

Zita Elze Flowers 


Posh Floral Designs 

storefron tumblr_mhgfub1Rps1qdbgnyo1_1280

Isari Flower Studio

storefrontISES-July-Meeting-0001-1024x681 jp parker flowers

JP Parker Flowers 



storefront283272_481221898588863_1020800513_n forbesfield

Forbesfield Flowers

2. Delivering with style…

van 582818_10151153480466071_1529498902_n gertie mae's floral studio

Gertie Mae’s 


Dr. Delphinium 

3.  Packaging and labeling ideas…

486163_10151154337168978_1329696140_n FloraNY

522554_10151375857438978_1413856267_n FloraNY

packaging 483063_10151276906228978_193647668_n FloraNY

images above via Flora NY

487869_278216165644510_1933929214_n  floret-design dot com


551636_394912847210526_286289003_n july floral design bud vases

July Floral Design

IMG_20110811_143128 blooms & co

Blooms & Co. 

imgp5497 podz florist

Podz Florist 

packaging 529321_384865998224454_802601085_n Florbesfield Flowers

Forbesfield Flowers 

4. Great outdoor spaces…

555431_473076676084569_1259933040_n lonny magazine

Lonny Magazine 

558311_480881821949386_345365862_n garden at the Green Acre Cafe

Green Acre Café

563009_489083244483912_1610156952_n the creeping fig

The Creeping Fig 

734592_483973218328248_226661808_n grey and scout blogspot

Grey and Scout

Desire to Inspire 

5, Growers you should know about…if you don’t already…

cimg4757 bathtub gardens

Calida @ Bathtub Gardens 

grower About_Jennie1

Jennie @ Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

grower 404393_543712292328486_352398015_n pamela arnosky

Pamela @ Texas Specialty Cut Flowers

grower IMG_4366-e1365210878389-700x1050

Erin @ Floret Flower Farm 


Don @ Don’s Dahlias

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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