Working Designer Wednesday

Some of my favorites this week…

1. Great vases from Chive

product_FLUTE_lg chive inc

1835 chive

CUSMCH-2T chive

2. Over the past 6 months, I’ve heard lots of rumbling about how fed up and tired of mason jar arrangements many of you designers have become…so I had to smile at this blog post by Sharon at En Masse Flowers

ball 1440069000_HeritageCollection_TrayandJars_LoRes-3-525x334

3. Love this interview with Susanne (The Blue Carrot) at Flowerona

521618_443594365723770_487534918_n the blue carrot and susanne

4. The way Rachel Ashwell brings out the natural beauty of flowers with her ultra-feminine style and passion for romantic simplicity…

533123_372933256113464_1442863280_n rACHEL ASHWELL

rachel ashwell 10766486579497762_P7AfWOTC_f

rachel ashwell 10766486579553844_MqGJFBqj_c

5. A personal note delivered with the bridal bouquet from the girls at Stems of Dallas


6. Molly Wood Garden Design

556442_400827043318067_1275567690_n molly wood garden design

garden space 198698_420390541361717_1692513876_n molly wood garden design

molly wood garden design 739716_453897831344321_447457065_o

outdoor 185475_400833083317463_766842114_n molly wood garden design

outdoor 304454_403401549727283_218093864_n molly wood garden design using imitation sod

outdoor 394248_400832813317490_168773987_n molly wood garden design

7. Beautiful garden roses from Green Valley Floral….

Caramel green valley floral grower

green_eye garden rose green valley floral grower

ivanhoe green valley floral grower

romantic_antike_fs green valley floral grower

Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!

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