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So excited…today we have a unique opportunity to follow Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers) for a day as he executes a large installation on the east coast of Scotland!

From Nick:

On Sunday I travelled to the east coast of Scotland to work on a mammoth design for a client who was hosting their European customers over the course of five days at the beautiful Gosford House. My brief was to create a contemporary design in eye catching purple that would look perfect for five days.

Photo 1

Our vanda orchids from the incredible Dutch grower Anco pure Vanda arrived at my studio via our wholesaler Fleurametz.

Photo 2

I arrived at Gosford House to meet my giant urn for the first time. Our client had emailed the dimensions to me. Diameter of 180cm.

Photo 3

I cleared out the original planting and placed 4 jumbo wet oasis blocks and one 40cm ball on top secured with chicken wire.

Photo 4

I started to green up using Aralia leaves on the edge and soft ruskus and cocculus.

Photo 5

Work on the design continued. The orchids were prepared by cutting the stem in half and inserting into 50cm orchid tubes.

Photo 6

Almost there!

Photo 7

The design was completed after two and a half hours. A total of 1,000 vanda orchid heads were used.

Photo 8

Finished design

Photo 9

Close up

Photo 10

I also created two smaller versions in the grand hallway – not a bad looking workplace for the day!

Read more about Nick Priestly here.

Thank you , Nick!

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