9 thoughts on “Which Bouquet?

  1. Wildstyle Designs

    This is a tough choice! All three are really beautiful!

    In this case, I think it depends on the personality of the lady wearing the dress: #1 if she is going for chic, drama, bold; #2 if she wants something softer (the color palette would blend more); #3 if she is really fun, and loves those poppies as much as I do!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m favoring #2 because it would really stand out with elegant dress color. Also, the dress is so minimal and dark, the lightness of the bouquet softens it just a little.

  3. Janet

    Gosh, this is a tough one – all three would work. #1 is the obvious choice, but I think #2 and #3 would really stand out with that dress as a backdrop.


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