Which Bouquet?

Today’s the day! You have submitted your personal designs for today’s bouquet choices and I’m so excited to hear the comments. Thanks for making this fun for the rest of us…

The Dress…

wedding dressImageHandler james clifford

…from James Clifford

The Bouquet…

Bouquet #1 (Into the Woods)

Calla Bouquet

Bouquet #2 (Pensee Present)

(Mariage Jessy et Simon) 162_logo e

Bouquet #3 (Color My World Flowers)


Bouquet #4 (Passionflower)

passionflower IMG_7374

Bouquet #5 (Bloom Boxx)

DSCF0253 e

Bouquet #6 (3 Leaf Floral Design)


Bouquet #7 (Erika’s Fresh Flowers)


Bouquet #8 (Margaret in Austin – freelancer)

flowers 168

Which would you choose?

Thanks to all the designers who took the time to submit a bouquet for today’s post!

Have a great weekend…

Photo credit for Pensee Present bouquet: Chantel Goulet

11 thoughts on “Which Bouquet?

  1. bloom boxx

    First, I am beyond flattered to have work on this blog! Thank you, Amy! Wow. Ok – I have to say I truly love the teardrop cascade of roses and phalaenopsis, #4 by Passionflower. Stunning.

  2. Katie Pollard

    Hooray! I’m so thrilled to be included!

    Although I was (obviously) picturing something soft and romantic when I first saw the dress, I’m actually really loving the bold statement that #1 makes.

    I’m also kind of obsessed with #5. (Nice job, Bloom Boxx!) But I want to see that one with a more casual flowing dress, maybe at an outdoor wedding in the woods. 🙂


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