Which Bouquet?

The Dress…


…the Elizabeth gown by Monique Lhuillier…rose gold embroidered tulle illusion long sleeve a-line gown…


The Bouquet…

10616315_690612791021925_4846104444730711584_n the blue carrot

Bouquet #1 (designed by The Blue Carrot)

 10665735_762137777185087_5192976925690478482_n a day in provence

Bouquet #2 (designed by A Day in Provence)

10991207_501150156690983_6921189114851154001_n the garden gate flower company

Bouquet #3 (designed by The Garden Gate Flower Company)

55850012-700x955  jose villa photo from flowerwild workshop

Bouquet #4 (designed in a Flowerwild workshop / Photo: Jose Villa)

cd gertie maes and  Izzy Hudgins photo for blog

Bouquet #5 (Designed by Gertie Mae’s Photo: Izzy Hudgins Photography)

Which would you choose?

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