Wearing Flowers Head To Toe Part 2

I guess you could consider this post a follow-up to the original post by the same name…enjoy!

IMG_1195 meg perotti

image via Meg Perotti Photography

Jessica Ruisan Clementine Posy25

image via Clementine Posy

lindseybelle_t-p_107 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom


image via Francoise Weeks

anuschka371small bloom by Anuschka

image via Bloom by Anuschka

botanical-headpiece-6.jpg-Françoise-Weeks mishima photography

image via Francoise Weeks

headpiece_MG_7599sm ea

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

ctbrideSummer03 datura

image via Datura

Jessica Ruisan Clementine Posy03

image via Clementine Posy

513 the flower studio az

image via The Flower Studio

wristlet bliss in bloom 1

image via Bliss in Bloom

Tying The Knot Scotland - Planet Flowers - Pink Flowers 04

image via Planet Flowers

2011-06-07B-ACE-hotel-styled-photo-shoot-0132 bunch studio and jesi haack

image via Bunch Studio and Jesi Haack Weddings

anuschka361small bloom by Anuschka

image via Bloom by Anuschka

shoe trend hunter

image via Trend Hunter

Ok…I know you have a favorite today! What is it? I’m still trying to get over the rose bikini bottom…

I used to read Go, Dog. Go! to my son when he was little and there was a line in the book that always made him giggle… “Do you like my party hat? No! I do not like your party hat!”… couldn’t help but think of that book when I saw some of the floral headpieces…

Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Wearing Flowers Head To Toe Part 2

  1. Jan Dekker Designs

    So fun to stretch your imagination and add flowers to everything!!!!!!! Your blog ROCKS Amy!!!


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