Wearable Flowers

wearable white magnolia design and Bethany Snyder Photography 10957997_637164409746638_7404739795143708789_n

White Magnolia Designs | Bethany Snyder Photography

wearable 1621718_10203105390134702_344826649_n passionflower and marie photo

Passionflower | Diana Marie Photography

wearable bristol lane florals and  Jessica Scott Photography download (2)

Bristol Lane Floral Design | Jessica Scott Photography

wearable love lily 10710978_10153192390101992_5042067022719157064_n

Love, Lily

wearable couture collar sassybird flowers 10565001_1531268390442585_4092374556954928626_n

Sassybird Flowers

wearable posey floral and event design 10524310_10152349192803871_4731810843010993717_n


wearable Natural Beauty- Flowers by Julia rose- sarahs-photography.com

Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose | Sarah’s Photography

wearDebbie Lourens Photography. and green goddess flower studio 10325161_640670996013731_1240969545718439318_n

Green Goddess Flower Studio | Debbie Lourens Photography

wearable 1620502_10203105392374758_1570830091_n passionflower and diana marie photo

Passionflower | Diana Marie Photography

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