Vertical Gardens

flora grubbs vertical garden

Have you ever seen such beautiful botanical art? I was blown away when I happened upon Flora Grubb Gardens . Walls of succulents…be still my heart!

succulent-art-l flora grubbs

grubbs vertical

The contrast of the wall planting on the red wall is breathtaking and  the addition of the potted grouping of plants adds visual depth.

grubb vertI would love to wake up to the stark simplicity of this view every morning.


And, finally, the photo that makes me want to “jump up and down and spit wooden nickels” (as my husband would say)……


grubbs tub

Seriously?! An outdoor courtyard with a piece if Flora’s amazing wall art AND a concrete soaking tub under a blue sky? I can’t think of anything better.

Check out Flora’s blog here for more.

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