Trend Alert: Larger & Looser Bridal Bouquets

Are you noticing the trend?

2 madelyn wayment photography and blossom sweet

image via Blossom Sweet and Madelyn Wayment Photography

2OakandtheOwl_Mojave Wedding Dress_thumb[2] Kurt Boomer photo

image via Oak and the Owl and Kurt Boomer Photography

0196_edyta-e1329515385773 soulflower

image via Soulflower

61462_460182174038259_1788535564_n PRIMARY PETALS and Jose Villa Photo

image via Primary Petals and Jose Villa Photography

246484_363476953736743_40475092_n hello blossoms au and stewart leishman photo

image via Hello Blossoms and Stewart Leishman Photography

262249_10151246129200522_572385077_n bows and arrows

image via Bows and Arrows

301291_498253196863876_82701276_n platinum floral designs and nichole taylor photo

image via Platinum Floral Designs and Nichole Taylor Photography

550613_310573535674570_156574431074482_852530_158293143_n sophisticated floral designs

image via Sophisticated Floral Designs

560494_394619390610669_85286662_n honey and poppies and jose villa photo

image via Honey and Poppies and Jose Villa Photography

amy_sam5  Christina Richards Photography and studio choo

image via Studio Choo and Christina Richards Photography

duntonwedding039-800x1200  tec petaja photo and studio choo

image via Studio Choo and Tec Petaja Photography

FloraNovaDesign-local-wedding-flower-design1 (5) flora nova

image via Flora Nova and The Popes Photography

hold15 passionflower

image via Passionflower

Makenzie109 rebekah westover photography and blossom sweet

image via Blossom Sweet and Rebekah Westover Photography

rock-N-roll-shoot-blog- and petal pixie utah

image via Petal Pixie and Blush Photography

Happy Thursday!

7 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Larger & Looser Bridal Bouquets

  1. Emelie

    Here in Sweden it’s still very trendy with completely round and dome shaped bouquets. But I LOVE loose and wild bouquets. I’m doing my best to try to make them trendy 😉

  2. Hacman Floral

    Oh wow, I need to get on board! I’ve never done this style before and not to sure if I can do it . It’s not my style but I love the romantic feeling they give. Will practice.

  3. Kari

    I’m happy to see looser, but I’m not sure about larger. I think if the bouquet gets too big it overwhelms the bride (visually) and can be difficult for her to carry.


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