The Winners…

…of a box of Eco Fresh Bouquet wraps…


Congratulations! Each of you will be receiving an email shortly to get your shipping address. A special thanks to Debbie Demarse, founder of Eco Fresh Bouquet, for treating the Botanical Brouhaha community with such generosity!

A special offer for the BB readers who didn’t win:

Place an order by February 6th and Debbie will include 20 extra sponge-wraps with your order. You will need to send her an email and mention that you saw the offer on Botanical Brouhaha. Her email is:

To order: visit

One thought on “The Winners…

  1. DebbieDemarse

    Congratulations To All The Winners!!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the lovely comments! The feedback received is so inspiring and gratifying, I could not be happier that EFB is finding its’ way to florists around the world and solving long time issues surrounding hand-held bouquets, all while being eco-friendly!

    I can’t wait to start shipping the sponge-wraps out to the winners, you will love them! The shipments will be in the mail tomorrow! 🙂

    For those who left comments, I will be contacting each of you today as to get an address of where I can send a sample. If you would like to contact me prior with that information, my email is

    If you would like to order sponge-wraps in time for Valentine’s Day, please go to Do email me that you commented on the blog for me to be certain to add your 20 extra free-sponge wraps.

    Many thanks to Amy for hosting this event and exposing EFB to so many, you have been a joy to work with! 🙂

    In bloom,


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