Succulent Saturday

198863_10151473789054051_844677181_n Lila B. photo by Sophie de Lignerolles

Lila B. and Sophie de Lignerolles Photography

306711_10151139876188807_1529759095_n , This Modern Romance  photo and the vine's leaf

The Vine’s Leaf and This Modern Romance Photography

528335_308889005879612_1678679258_n  the flower factory

The Flower Factory

576601_598517243506071_695586398_n the moss & rose

The Moss & Rose

1004019_10151425472486879_1913570809_n stacy k floral

Stacy K Floral

1069809_10151607904094051_2032914561_n lila b

Lila B.

1173906_561104023957034_1235220861_n molly wood garden design

Molly Wood Garden Design

1174702_573107922748110_1333570710_n the creeping fig

The Creeping Fig

1240113_10151963824088413_754961038_nla petite fleur

La Petite Fleur

4951737243_901226d5b0_z love n fresh flowers dot com

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

Floral Verde

succulent 18  Taylor Lord Photography and stems austin

Stems and Taylor Lord Photography

succulent 1150255_640502409302083_904571211_n chestnut & vine floral design

Chestnut & Vine

Succulents 2 the moss and rose

The Moss & Rose

succulents 164626_10151641450201663_910185822_n jackson durham flowers

Jackson Durham Flowers

succulents tulip lesley 1472969_10151990310079144_781085239_n


B 2 Wishes 2 heavenly blooms

Heavenly Blooms

Crater-Terrarium-Top seed floral

Seed Floral

DSC_0117 small stump blogspot

Studio Choo

DSCF3703 bloom by Anuschka

Bloom by Anuschka

dude2 JL Designs

JL Designs

enjoy2 passionflower


Happy Saturday!

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