Succulent Saturday

succulent lila b1489126_10152111495279051_2024491770_n

Lila B.

succulent the moss & rose10009882_744722165552244_1861761511_n

The Moss & Rose

succulent 009-466x700 The Nichols photo and stems austin

Stems and The Nichols Photography

Succulent-rosette-boutonniere articulture austin and cory ryan photo

Articulture Designs and Cory Ryan Photography

succulent-rustic-vintage-wedding-centerpiece-table-number-frame aileen tran

Aileen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography

succulents 1010391_10152181320709144_302586119_n tulip


succulents 6131

Blood &Champagne

succulents floral verde 1926814_729929103704002_1691497986_n

Floral Verde

succulents oasis plants 1619545_10153810587090580_918938634_n

Oasis Plants

succulents sj_00111  Jenna Walker Photography and bella flora dallas

Bella Flora and Jenna Walker Photography

07Metropolitan-ring bearer Wedding-Gramercy-Terrace-New-York-Tory-Williams-Photography and denise fasanello

Denise Fasanello and Tory Williams Photography

02184 our labor of love by heidi

Our Labor of Love by Heidi

5258ae9156d70$!400x  Amanda Bevington Modern Photography and entwined design

Entwined Design and Amanda Bevington Modern Photography

581315_10152054852642655_1775069482_n petals ink

Petals, Ink.

1000524_10151743739277010_1081032564_n epoch floral

Epoch Floral

Happy Weekend!

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