Sittin’ Pretty

chair 20130911_EarlyMountain_066abany bauer  and elisa bricker photo

Abany Bauer | Elisa Bricker Photography

cd dominique flowers 10650014_1531941290375300_7077786952330221695_n

Dominique Flowers

chair 10409583_768218139866260_3770701183167042639_n Laura Fulmer Photography and cote designs sc

Cote Designs | Laura Fulmer Photography

chair 10468076_718008644925571_7473551601464717225_n Katelyn James Photography and petals and promises

Petals and Promises | Katelyn James Photography

chair 10402616_720589658003464_9115333957653992626_n Katie Hellinger Photography and Bare root flora

Bare Root Flora | Katie Hellinger Photography

chair 10384217_10152468167293524_2334979663214202983_n panacea event floral design


chair 1235229_10151618655818059_1065319582_n zinnia floral designs

Zinnia Floral Designs

chair 1240562_647654938587493_213224924_n lovely little details and jessica burke photo

Lovely Little Details | Jessica Burke Photography

chair 1045244_410543959064764_1115413280_n Fairy Nuff Flowers

Fairy Nuff Flowers

chair 560528_560716010614720_900744700_n photography by Stacey Hedman  and lovely little details

Lovely Little Details | Stacey Hedman Photography

chair 644229_577581798935448_1735436713_n oak and the owl and kamee june photo

Oak and the Owl | Kamee June Photography

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