Simply Michael George

Nothing is more beautiful to me than neutral simplicity…


…and Michael George has to be the master of this look…modern, sleek simplicity…



…bet Joni over at Cote de Texas would like this room…


…have always loved the creamy caramel tone of these mini callas…


…anybody want to guess how many tulips are in this simple little arrangement?

04 ….tone on tone…notice the great centerpieces…and the lanterns!


Let me say a word on the “simplicity” of Michael George’s bouquets and arrangements… they look perfect and seem simple to make since they usually use only one type of flower…but looks are deceiving! One stem out of place will be obvious in these ultra sleek bouquets. I am in awe of the talent of this man!


…each orchid bloom in this bouquet is hand-wired which makes for a very lightweight bouquet…much more comfortable than carrying a heavy one around all day…


Check out Michael George Hybrid to see more of his work…you will love the artful quality of his floral designs.

I’ll meet you here on Monday with more flowers!

(all images from Michael George Hybrid)

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