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I found the comment from Never a Plain Jane interesting yesterday…she referred to the flowers in one of the pew end pictures as “sexy”. I’ve been contemplating a post on sexy flowers for a while. I find it interesting that different flowers and the way we arrange them can be so impactful on the atmosphere of an event….sometimes romantic, sometimes fun, sometimes sophisticated, sometimes juvenile…and sometimes sexy…

6 JL Designs 3image via JL Designs

ACFBF2 jennifer skog image via Jennifer Skog Photography

Asiel Designs 2 Hidden Garden blog - Asiel Designsimage via The Hidden Garden and Asiel Designs

britt6 art with natureimage via Art with Nature

januarystephen001 beautiful blooms image via Beautiful Blooms

charmisachin_07image via Andrena Photography

melissa_marty00 jessica johnson photographyimage via Jessica Johnston Photography

pic-home savage roseimage via Savage Rose

Picture-37 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

QWeddings_David_Kurio-tm qweddingsimage via Q Weddings

xathlete1 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

Now you know which flowers I consider “sexy”…how would you define a “sexy flower”? If you want to see my choice for the sexiest floral website, visit … you won’t be disappointed!







3 thoughts on “Sexy Flowers

  1. Never A Plain Jane

    You were not wrong about that site! Now about sexy flowers… I think the one I commented on felt sexy to me because it had so many exotic elements. The tropical flowers, hot colors, and animal print made me think of a honeymoon – lots of heat and lots of skin – and so the arrangement seemed sexy.

    This is definitely an eye of the beholder thing. I think some people might find rose petals and romance sexy while others will associate black feathers and deep reds with passion and desire.

    Your question is really interesting and reminds me how much an event’s flowers reveal about the person throwing the party.

  2. Erratt Family

    I agree, I think it is fun to look at the floral arrangements at an event and try to decipher what the host/planner/designer was going for.

    I went to a wedding recently where the decorations and floral arrangements said to me: Alive/Spunky/Playful. To someone else though, they may have been Romantic, youthful or even sexy…


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