Sarracenia (Pitcher Plant)

Quite possibly the most interesting botanical around…unique in floral design…

Sarracenia_leucophyllalarge us botanical gardenimage via United States Botanic Garden

20100625026 floral verdeimage via Floral Verde

IMG_6579-1 ea, sarah winwardimage via Ea 

pink-peach-white-wedding-bouquet-joy-thigpen-580x386 the sweetest occasionimage via The Sweetest Occasion

IMG_338_blog La Partie Eventsimage via La Partie Events 

FLO00041 jayson home and gardenimage via Jayson Home and Garden

So interesting…the United States Botanic Garden website describes it like this… “occurs in bogs and wet pine savannas in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The nectar-producing ‘pitchers’ of these rare carnivorous plants are actually specialized leaves that lure, trap, and digest insects as a means to obtain the nutrients lacking in the infertile soil in which they grow.”

What do you think of Sarracenia?

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