Rose Petals

For Jeri…

rose petals 1380144_630133873675391_67483920_n Celebración Cancún

Celebracion Cancun

rose petals 1382920_659571504062327_1256482555_n blush floral design studio

Blush Floral Design

rose petals 1185527_715994748427237_631562863_ and ATD phorography

Red Floral Architecture and ATD Photography

rose petals amy&marco_0073 Michelle's Patisserie and last petal austin and nathan russell photo

Last Petal and Nathan Russell Photography and Michelle’s Patisserie

rose petals 401481_252632531470100_86410640_n flora fetish and mary sledd

Flora Fetish and Sledd Photography

rose petals bella flora of dallas 1477729_10151839486380345_1941875647_n

Bella Flora

rose petals 6_copy_grande tulip

Tulip and Beth Morgan Photography

rose petals asiel design 7859eefc9832cfa8d7c757744c9c385 sarah rhodes photo

Asiel Design

rose petals tantawan 1455086_10152039105690516_1275680061_n

Tantawan Bloom

rose petals natalie galasso designs 8655060211_dc5b0aa8c5_b

Natalie Galasso Designs

rose petals 1045003_564637803577612_1382125821_n  Augie Chang photo and anne mendenhall flowers

Anne Mendenhall Flowers and Augie Chang Photography

rose petals Planet Flowers - The Signet Library (25)

Planet Flowers

Hope you have a great weekend!

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