Reflexed Roses

255724_227572377268683_159860124039909_995158_1840226_n  seed floral

Seed Floral

313393_10150428714170739_1597781962_n shawna yamamoto event design

Shawna Yamamoto Event Design

1210101100302 LA Premier

LA Premier

esperance rose 479748_537137609630719_1129538107_n cebolla fine flowers

Cebolla Fine Flowers

pink1_1_500x500 floral art

Floral Art

reflexed rose 942684_589352074459111_377648806_n lilla bello

Lilla Bello

reflexed rose tic-tock florals 33970_10151310423941439_143858975_n Tic-Tock Couture Florals

reflexed roses 46600_10151351257786439_1666444146_n kris kan photo and tic-tock couture floral

Tic-Tock Couture Florals

reflexed petals floral crush studio 1558397_376777222466896_1170406172_n

Floral Crush Studio

reflexed roses floral art la1511008_10152306050996388_505593780_n

Floral Art

For instructions on how to reflex rose petals, click here and watch Jennifer from Floral Art demonstrate!

Happy Thursday!

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