I think of the poppy as the floral equivalent to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

poppies tulipina 10291234_806897539322080_7637685835016057340_n


poppies bornay 10294280_610975818979688_1239143669536927394_n

Flowers by Bornay

poppies 11919_10151739212767706_305139853846802725_n nature composed(sugar magnolias)

Nature Composed

poppies 10006468_594426937318728_811924839_n ellen seagraves chic florals

Ellen Seagraves Chic Florals

poppies 1098122_10152301946220522_469046052_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

poppies happy_friday_dandelion_and_grey

Dandelion & Grey

poppies_5 flowersbyblush.co.nz

Blush Flowers

poppies 396085_328598980556643_1066604023_n blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

jasmine flower talk and jemma keech photo pink-poppy-bouquet-with-jasmine

Flower Talk and Jemma Keech Photography

poppy 1660469_637695649611826_1835066351_n exquisite designs chicago

Exquisite Designs

80s-pop-themed-wedding-6 Ariane Moshayedi Photography  and primary petals

Primary Petals and Ariane Moshayedi Photography

120602_0525reyhner barbie hull photo and christopher flowers seattle

Christopher Flowers and Barbie Hull Photography

935681_10151590318713022_1121030721_n  Kina Wicks Photography and ipomea

Ipomea Floral Design and Kina Wicks Photography

988874_785731231439370_2039954380989538624_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

1000160_353100101483220_1390359435_n Fleuriste, Flowers by Rebecca Uhlmann


1070035_10151465063815957_933867336_n flora bella

Flora Bella

1148887_573478336041975_978438187_n primary petals arimophoto

Primary Petals and Ariane Moshayedi Photography

1151051_10151854455660522_366197754_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

1229831_10151728225362655_1655291567_n petals, ink.

Petals, Ink.

1460138_663765383667658_344644485_n brrch


Have a happy weekend!

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