Peony Passion

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative comment about peonies. What’s not to love? They’re perfectly romantic, beautiful, dramatic and fragrant…

3625469978_3c27b5227c inspiration  photographyimage via Gabrielle Loves

1 (2) heavenly blooms and sweet and saucyimage via Heavenly Blooms and Sweet and Saucy

1 (2) natalie bowen designsimage via Natalie Bowen Designs

007 sidra formanimage via Sidra Forman

flowerwild13image via Flower Wild

080531_AndrewCaroline_087 soulflowerimage via Soulflower

ACF4C8 our labor of love by heidiimage via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

B 1  Bridal bouquet heavenly bloomsimage via Heavenly Blooms

blackvase robbie honeyimage via Robbie Honey

blog613_0010 eyespy photoimage via Eyespy Photography

bright_wedding_la_01 honey and poppiesimage via Honey and Poppies

coral-peonies-337x456 gia canali photoimage via Gia Canali Photography

DSC_0146 white lilac incimage via White Lilac Inc.

f2fa poppies and posiesimage via Poppies and Posies

flora bella studio mn10image via Flora Bella 

florali_wins003 floraliimage via Florali

holly chappleimage via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

IMG_0086 bella fioriimage via Bella Fiori

IMG_1496 Cythera peony Floretimage via Floret Flowers

See a favorite?

Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Peony Passion

  1. Suzanne

    Oh I love peonies! I have a May bride that has requested a bridal bouquet similar to the Natalie Bowen and Holly Heider Chapple bouquets. :o)


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