Pantone Color Inspiration: Woodbine

From the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2015

pantone woodbine 18-0538 TCX

10420127_508175482645217_6880051902271463818_n sachi rose

Sachi Rose

cd francoise weeks and margaret jacobsen 1544368_10204151756248825_8803448235321871965_n

Francoise Weeks | Margaret Jacobsen Photography

cd gertie maes and Mandy Vigneulle Busby 10469684_10152506299661071_5053039762262283730_n

Gertie Mae’s | Mandy Busby Creative

clare day flowers_winter flowers, wedding florist victoria bc

Clare Day Flowers

fuzion 7 blush floral design

Blush Floral Design

green 10524593_10152639429417625_4909446727030999072_n valley floral company

Valley Flower Company

IMG_1583_2 Eliza Truitt Photography and botanique

Botanique | Eliza Truitt Photography

Justin_Nina_W1301 rosegolden ryan ray photo

Rosegolden | Ryan Ray Photography


Modern Bouquet

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