Pantone Color Inspiration: Scuba Blue

From the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2015

pantone scuba blue BSBCP

cd oleander florals and lauren fair photo 10613059_929342937081268_5357548352781532986_n

Oleander | Lauren Fair Photography

1796498_568338723243398_533801835_n Photos by Cesc Giralt and bornay

Flowers by Bornay

10363538_772971432759330_7539819414427760564_n primary petals and Brian Tropiano photo

Primary Petals | Brian Tropiano Photography

10419452_795753877103582_2589510147809076179_n florisity


cd 524706_10151193265176697_1785359640_n anne robert photo and holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Anne Robert Photography

cd 1958298_761976330496732_651963271_n kim starr wise floral

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events


Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

rwd_styleunveiled_2014_rashellandchad_details_022 and julie kay kelly photo Event Styling & Floral Design | Julie Kay Kelly Photography

soiree on hgtv and Claudia Kronenberg. photo download (1)

Soiree Floral | Claudia Kronenberg Photography

TSC0552 t. scott carlisle photo and rosegolden flowers

Rosegolden Flowers | T. Scott Carlisle Photographer

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