Pantone Color Inspiration: Paloma

pantone paloma 160000

38 and jose villa

Studio Fiore and Jose Villa Photography

021811SS_033WM shea hopely flowers

Shea Hopely Flowers and Meghan Stewart Photography

392657_606642399365265_698234536_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers

539260_10150982117236727_1664564207_n ashley fox

Ashley Fox Designs

482230_606102976085874_1727799398_n poppies and roses jo flowers

Jo Flowers

559350_10151138647335152_453292124_n flora organica designs

Flora Organica Designs

998735_10151796502018784_126953485_n modern day floral

Modern Day Floral and Hetler Photography

1045134_683967428296636_803862963_n red floral architecture

Red Floral Architecture and Shaun Meredith Photography

1456041_10152067474236071_353984878_n our labor of love by heidi and gertie maes

Gertie Mae’s and Our Labor of Love by Heidi

1499644_749417805087723_1601640192_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers

1609867_561689603908310_709651687_n flowers by bornay and Arberas Ruso Photo

Flowers by Bornay and Arberas Ruso Photography

1618658_578869875539683_369262032_n alice gao photography

Alice Gao Photography

6857696304_0ce082fea6_b aaron young photo and art with nature

Art with Nature and Aaron Young Photography

aaronyoung photo _harperaaron-72 bb blossom

B.B. Blossom and Aaron Young Photography

AJBlog032 tea lily photography

Tealily Photography

amyosaba-blog-CaseyPaul-LakeMartin-SimplyBloom Photo-093

Amy Osaba and Simply Bloom Photography

b42 chic wedding in italy and simply bloom photo

Simply Bloom Photography

Image2 salt harbr designs

Salt Harbor Designs

jays_flowers-451  Ben Robertson photo and jay archer floral design

Jay Archer Floral Design and Ben Robertson Photography

runner  gertie mae and  Buffy Dekmar Photography close up42

Gertie Mae’s and Buffy Dekmar Photography

Happy Thursday!

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