Not Your Typical Bridal Bouquet

Here’s a fun way to start off our week…

05-flowers Michelle Rago and Daily Candy Weddings

…a perfectly tailored bouquet for nuptials down by the seashore…

image via Michelle Rago Ltd and Daily Candy Weddings

3 pollen floral art austin

…a healthy snack amongst the tulips in case the ceremony runs long…

image via Pollen Floral Art

0904_Page134-135 JL Designs

…balsa wood flowers…no wilting worries and I still can’t believe how much they look like fresh flowers…combining them with fresh leaves helps perfect the illusion…brilliant!

image via JL Designs

4402357695_b34e71d6a8_o this modern life photography

…a zipper bouquet and a beer…not exactly my style, but interesting nonetheless…

image via This Modern Life Photography

art332 otto schulze photgraphy

…Kate Spade-inspired…can’t help but smile…

image via Otto Schulze Photographers

b132 anthropologie doorknobs simply bloom photography 

…a whole bouquet of Anthropologie knobs…does it get any better than this?

image via Simply Bloom Photography

Would you be bold enough to carry one of these or are you a more traditional gal? Thanks for starting off another week with me here at the Brouhaha!

5 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Bridal Bouquet

  1. Never A Plain Jane

    I’d totally carry either of the last two. Think of the possibilities for boutonnieres! And how sweet would it be to see a bright button pomander? There’d be no worrying petals smushed against tightly hugged lapels or flower petal on the carpet instead of in the hands of little girls!


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