Need A Good Reason To Live In California?

You can plant a garden like Brooke of Velvet and Linen

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1174639970b-500wi the velvet garden before shot

…and 4 weeks later it will look like this…

6a00e554d7b82788330133f1175ef9970b-500wi the velvet garden 4 weeks later shot images via Velvet and Linen

If you haven’t already discovered Brooke’s blog, you really should check it out. She posts amazing photos and articles about her personal homes, her interior and garden designs, her husband’s incredible art/architecture and her shop, Giannetti Home. Quite an impressive family…

Hang on, we’re almost to the weekend!

One thought on “Need A Good Reason To Live In California?

  1. Hummingbird

    Fantastic! Amy thank you so much for email & changing your settings. This is so much easier now! Am looking forward to commenting much more. But for now, I love this garden and hope one day I’ll be out of an apartment & be lucky enough to have a patch of dirt of my very own to recreate this. Have a great weekend x


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