Mad About Muscari

Is there anyone who doesn’t love this little flower? So sweet, so feminine, so petite…

tumblr_kyvnhp7pFY1qb3edao1_500 pretty little flowerimage via Pretty Little Flower

blueflowers Karen Wise's Food and Art image via Karen Wise Photography

0001 Di Bezi Photo…with freesia, kale, hydrangeas, dahlias and lavender…a beautiful cool palette…

image via Di Bezi Photography

09 poppies and posies…romantic when combined with a peony, sweet peas and vintage bottles…

image via Poppies and Posies

AJP-2012 the bride's cafe…one of my favorite bouquets…reminds me of cool water…love the collar of lamb’s ears and the ribbon wrap…soothing…

image via The Bride’s Cafe

F-JJ081.jpg_e_d28a5fb0168e4316ef0bae1aa3444c23 wedding flowers uk …muscari pops against raspberry roses and tulips…perfectly matched ribbon wraps the handle…

image via Wedding Magazine UK

london_wedding_photography_creative_reportage_photojournalist_fulham-palace_06 marianne taylor photo…a hand-tied bouquet of freesia, roses and muscari…the epitome of Spring…

image via Marianne Taylor Photography 

Pastel_3_LL belle fleur…I’m as crazy about the checkered tulips (fritillaria) in this bouquet as I am about the muscari…ultra feminine…

image via Belle Fleur

tayandjohnpair8 julie mikos photo…multi-piece and monobotanical centerpieces…great combination of blue (muscari) and green (viburnum) with unique textures…

image via Julie Mikos Photography

…Muscari is also available in white…

tumblr_kz1p7h7w9R1qb3edao1_500 pretty little flower image via Pretty Little Flower

I never kept track of the the most requested flowers by brides I worked with, but I know for sure Muscari would have been near the top of the list if I had…can you guess some of the others? I’m sure the list would be different in other parts of the country…so keep in mind that I’m in Texas!

One other note: Yesterday My Fleur Journey left the link for a vintage wedding incorporating feathers in her comment…it’s beautiful…you can check it out here if you have a few extra minutes. Thanks for the comment!

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Mad About Muscari

  1. Never A Plain Jane

    Your favorite is m favorite! I also love the spread photographed by Julie Mikos. If I’d had a spring reception I’d definitely pursue a similar look. As for top requested flowers from Bliss, I’d guess hydrangeas. It seems like we were always working with (and fretting about)those blooms.


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