Love ‘n Fresh Flowers Presents: Master Class Series & Seed Giveaway

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One of my favorite farmer florists, Jennie Love (I love her name so much, I always want to say her whole name), has announced her 2014 Master Class series called From Seed to Centerpiece. Jennie says, “It is geared towards experienced florists looking to add or increase the use of locally-grown materials in their design work and learn valuable marketing skills as well to better sell their businesses. I’m hoping this new master class series helps more traditional florists tap into the Farm-to-Centerpiece movement by learning to grow their own or connect more successfully with nearby flower farmers.”

You can see the dates and topics below. From Seed to Centerpiece is a curriculum tailored for experienced floral designers and farmer florists. Equal parts horticulture intensive, business review, and artistic retreat, these topic-specific, concentrated courses enable students to connect more deeply with the natural seasons and tap into their customer’s deep-seated desire to support a creative and authentic business.

All classes will be held at the Love ‘n Fresh Flower Farm and studio (unless otherwise noted). Jennie keeps the class size intimate and feeds you a gourmet seasonal lunch.  Sounds like a dream…

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For more information on the Master Class series, check out Jennie’s website here.

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And, now, guess what? Jennie has offered to hand-select a collection of seeds for the cutting garden of one lucky Botanical Brouhaha reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below…then wait for the winner to be announced next Wednesday (Jan. 29th). We’ll also let you in on another exciting opportunity next Wednesday, so be sure to meet Jennie and me back here for that!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

25 thoughts on “Love ‘n Fresh Flowers Presents: Master Class Series & Seed Giveaway

  1. Marsha Swezey

    Jennie is a star, her Seasonal Bouquet Project Live was wonderful last year. Love this BLOG as well, so much eye candy. Thanks to both of you for making my Friday bright!!

  2. Elissa

    What a lovely oppportunity to start the new year. There is something so magical about planting seeds in the ground and waiting for the arrival of beautiful flowers. So awesome!


  3. Наталья Земская

    Oh, it’s such a pitty I can’t come to the nasterclases. Because I live so far away – in Moscow, Russia. But I’m so inspired by the farm flowers in bouquets that I will definitly sow some flowers for my floral arrangements in spring.

  4. Inee Green

    Hello Jennie Love and Amy of Botanical Brouhaha! I so wish I lived in Pennsylvania so I could attend one of your workshops. I’m helping my friend start a backyard vegetable and flower garden with the neighborhood kids and would be so excited to win the seeds from your flower farm!
    As an amateur lover of the art of flower arrangement, I love seeing all the beautiful designs you both come up with, thank you!

  5. Emily

    Oooh! Sounds like a wonderful workshop. I always love trying out new seeds in the garden, especially ones hand selected by an expert like Jennie.
    Not sure if seeds can be shipped overseas, but figured I’d give it a shot anywho! 🙂 xx Emily


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