…for the lemon-themed party Janice (Never A Plain Jane) is envisioning…

22 jose villaimage via Jose Villa Photography

3525_004_0132 Kevin Chin Photographyimage via Kevin Chin Photography

pew-32-lg petals galore image via Petals Galore

157_CJDustin_Wayfarers_Wedding Meg Perottiimage via Meg Perotti Photography

What kind of party do you dream of creating? I would love to have a chocolate-themed party for a bunch of girlfriends…you know the kind that aren’t on diets?!

P.S. If you have a minute, you have to check out Meg Perotti’s website…she has the neatest video on her home page. I just love seeing the images she creates…we get to see the couple the way she sees them through her viewfinder…amazing!

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