Hydrangea Love

If there could be only one flower in the world, I would pray for it to be a hydrangea! I love lots of flowers, but hydrangeas are in a class all their own. I can’t get enough of them and it doesn’t matter the color or variety. They are all beautiful to me. So, I have a question for you. Which is your favorite? Don’t be shy…




Shades of green with maroon or red highlights

Bottstein_Purple Bottstein Purple

Deep purple (aubergine)


Hamburg Hamburg Blue

Sea blue with watercolor-brushed hints of pink



Hydrangea_BluePink Hamburg Blue/Pink

Watercolor-brushed blue and pink


Hydrangea_bluegreen Hamburg Blue/Green

Softly muted blue and green


Hamburg_Pink Hamburg Pink

Saturated pink


Merritt_supreme Merritt Supreme

Dark blue

Hydrangea_neon_blue-green Neon Blue/Green

Blue with accents of white and lime green



Neon Lavender/Green

Lavender with accents of bright and fresh lime green



Neon Pink/Green

Pink with accents of white and lime green



Ivory white


So which one do you like best? I’ll think on it and let you know my favorite (if that’s possible) in a future post. Hope you have a great weekend!

(all photos from The Sun Valley Group)

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