Hanging Flowers

crush jeff leatham hanging ceremony decor 10930174_10153030119881972_1469223781941811909_n

Jeff Leatham

hanging michael daigian design and  Milou And Olin Photography 10731160_10152701575140033_7830452675654364081_n

Michael Daigian Design | Milou + Olin Photography

hanging the bouquets of ascha jolie 1798729_922666451091582_6516597149918941388_n

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

hanging maria lush floral designer fb 10945673_348123782040791_5945500200942830254_n

Maria Lush

hanging 10942583_794818793944281_3063682234746706751_n flowersbyblush.co.nz ad bubblerock photo france

Blush Flowers | Bubblerock Photography

hanging flowers Clark and Walker Studio and sayles livingston flowers 091314_0973

Sayles Livingston Flowers | Clark + Walker Studio

hanging erin volante and  Beau Vaughn Photography Brady and Stefanie 279a

Erin Volante Floral | Beau Vaughn Photography

hanging flowers garden district memphis 1969408_10152149014776325_4537384362552988975_n

Garden District

hanging flowers tantawan bloom 10330310_10152384504045516_2508671185048973808_n

Tantawan Bloom

hanging suspended tulips garden district memphis 10295729_10152149014506325_853958492686311989_n

Garden District

cd loda floral design and Andsam Photo 08Kingtable

Loda Floral Design: table centerpieces | Bride: hanging water tube installation | Andsam Photography

cd gertie maes and vue photo 10733966_10152397878126053_1865718661040884249_n

Gertie Mae’s | Vue Photography

Styled Shoot<br /><br />
Inspiration Shoot

Petals by the ShoreRachael Foster Photography

cd victoria clausen Gudreau-Sherwood Forest-202-X2  kakki morrison photo

Victoria Clausen | Kakki Morrison Photography

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