4562_90048978330_3034656_n TOAST

image via Toast

200617_10150151183203011_285498448010_6443282_4380161_n isha foss

image via Isha Foss

altoidgrass gomi style blogspot

image via Gomi Style

AmyJeph_529 lila b

image via Lila B

BMC-0345 into the woods

image via Into the Woods

image via Datura and Raw Photo Design

green-wheatgrass-moss-box-place-card boukates

image via Boukates

i-d-4cfad2.jpg.scaled1000 sasha souza and mod blog

image via Sasha Souza

IMG_0739 david daigian

image via Michael Daigian

lisalefkowitz15  kathleen deery design and lisa lefkowitz photo

image via Kathleen Deery Design and Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

nest floral studio lewisville tx

image via Nest Floral Studio


image via Empty Vase

orange_centerpieces-3  botanica

image via Botanica

ornithogalum springwell gardens

image via Springwell Gardens (ornithogalum)

photo-2-3 studio stems

image via Studio Stems 

SC37 empty vase

image via Empty Vase

SC40 empty vase

image via Empty Vase

Society_Room_Wedding_216 justin and mary amrantz

image via Justin & Mary Marantz Photography

test-photo2 soulflower

image via Soulflower

Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Grass

  1. Never A Plain Jane

    Oooo, I think the best part of using grass is that guests can take home a square of the sod to plant. You know, a “help our love grow” kind of thing with environmental benefits on the side!

  2. Mimi

    Again…thank you Amy for featuring an Into The Woods design! That photo was taken at a corporate event at the Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman. We <3 Botanical Brouhaha!


  3. Margaret in Austin

    Katie, except for the Into the Woods design (which uses real sod) these designs are made with wheatgrass. If you have a local place that sells wheatgrass juice, contact them and ask who their supplier is. Because wheatgrass is a specialty product, there’s usually only a few suppliers in any given area.

    Or ask your local commercial produce supplier if they stock it or can get it special order for you. FYI, it grows really fast even in a cooler. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve had to give it a trim. 🙂


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